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Jai Estates Canada Apple Orchard

We are passionate apple growers 

Who We Are

Jai Estates Canada is an enterprise established by passionate apple growers. We are driven by our passion to bring the best apples to your table. 

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Our skill and experience has enabled us to establish a high density honeycrisp apple plantation at Prince Edward Island in Canada. This orchard has been planted using modern technology and has the potential to be highly automated in its functioning which would reduce its dependence on labour and increase efficiency while reducing the cost of producing apples resulting in higher income for the growers. We are excited about the opportunities of building a grower community on the island and bring fresh delicious apples to everyone.

We know that is the best food for you. We grow apples in India in the harshest conditions on the planet. On the slopes of the mighty Himalayas at elevations between 6000ft and 8500ft. Growing apples for over 30 years in these difficult growing conditions has empowered us to grow apples anywhere on the planet.

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Time ripens the substance of a life as the seasons mellow and perfect its fruits. The best apples fall latest and keep longest.

Amos Bronson Alcott
Our Journey

Our Journey over the years


Rise of the Phoenix

Every success is born from a failure. In 2016, Randeep, brought his longtime friend Rajeev to Prince Edward Island so show him an apple orchard that his father had invested in. That investment went sour when it was discovered that the ground realities were different from what was projected, however, Rajeev during that trip discovered that the color and quality of the apples he was seeing on the island was exceptional, especially the Honey Crisp.  


He proposed a partnership to Randeep and together they established Jai Estates Canada Inc. and in a sleepy suburb of Charlottetown, they acquired a parcel of 50 acres on Jones Road

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Next, 2017

Our Team

Our Team

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Rajeev Chauhan, President

An engineer by qualification, Rajeev inherited the legacy of apple growing from his father who had established an apple orchard in the Himalayas of India in the 1960s. With an experience of over 30 years in growing apples, Rajeev´s family are collectively the largest growers in India. He is also the founder Chairman of the Himalayan Apple Growers Society, a society of over 4800 active apple growers in India from the Himalayas, where apples are grown in the harshest terrain on the planet. 

Randeep Panag, Treasurer

An Airline Pilot by profession, Randeep has flown to over 70 different countries around the planet and currently flies the B777. He is also an entrepreneur with successful projects in fruit farming and pilot training across different landscapes. He believes that bringing good healthy fruit to the table of families is a way of serving people and the environment.

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Mann Family

Paramjit Mann has been a farmer and investor for most of his life. He brings his financial acuity to the business side of apple growing. 

Sood Family

The Sood family are the most prominent apple traders in the Fruits and Vegetable market of New Delhi. They are the second generation in this trade and bring their vast experience of trading to Jai Estates. They also have apple orchards in the Himalayas.

Orchards Locations

Step in to our Orchards


Our Orchards


Jai Estates Canada Inc, 268 
Jones Road, Hazelbrook, Queen 
County, PE, C1B 3P4


Jai Estates Bohar,

P.O. Anti District Shimla,

Himachal Pradesh, India - 171206

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