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Orchard Establishment & Management


Our apple orchards are your investment in your freedom. They will provide you with a dependable income year upon year without the worry of an industry downturn or a stock market crash. Investing in these orchards will enable you to go after your life pursuits boldly, knowing that the farm will always back you up.

Orchard Establishment


Orchard Management








We offer our full support and knowledge to prospective apple growers in the province. We also offer a full establishment and management solution. We offer the following:

• Land Preparation
• Tree, trellis, equipment & machinery sourcing
• Orchard tree planting
• Soil and plant management
• Trellis Establishment

• Equipment rental
• Complete orchard management
• Harvest management
• Labor managemen
• Spray management

Cycle of an Orchard

When nature had its way, every apple tree was different. Growing from fallen fruit, an apple tree is the result of the cross pollination between An apple tree starts producing fruit 

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1. Apple Tree Pruning

JEC Orchard Cycle_0006_cycle2.jpg

2. Pink Bud Stage

JEC Orchard Cycle_0005_cycle3.jpg

3. Pollination

JEC Orchard Cycle_0004_cycle4.jpg

4. Thinning and fruit set

JEC Orchard Cycle_0003_cycle5.jpg

5. Irrigation and growth

JEC Orchard Cycle_0002_cycle6.jpg

6. Coloring

JEC Orchard Cycle_0001_cycle7.jpg

7. Harvest

JEC Orchard Cycle_0000_cycle8.jpg

8. Dormancy

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