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Honeycrisp Apple

Honeycrisp Apple


Honeycrisp (Malus Pumila) is a medium to large sized apple that is incredibly refreshing and delicious while eating. It was developed at the University of Minesota in 1974 and has been tested to be an offspring of the variety Keepsake. Accepted as the king of apples, Honeycrisp is notoriously difficult to grow, and the farmers must handpick the apples multiple times each season to harvest the ripest, healthiest fruits. It is self-sterile and requires a pollinator in order to grow fruit, easily bruises and is susceptible to bitter pit.


The apples are one of the most commercially produced and successful varieties worldwide and are highly favoured for their sweet flavour, crisp and juicy texture, and bright colouring. The Honeycrisp is a near-perfect raw apple. It is fantastically crisp, thanks to larger individual cells within its flesh, and it boasts a delicate sweet-tart balance and a light berry flavour. Interestingly it appears that the flavour can improve for 7-10 days after being taken out of cold store, which means that stock taken from cold store and then purchased by consumers is likely to be in optimum condition. 

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